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Your Business Accelerator

Our mission is simple, yet bold: to help the Columbus Region grow and thrive. We act as the voice of the business community through distinct pillars of strategic business solutions, connections, government relations and talent and workforce.

Our team is relational, intentional, strategic and always thinking of solutions to advance your business. We thrive on the opportunity to meet one-on-one — so when will we connect with you?

We Get It: You’re Busy.

Chances are, you’ve visited us because you own a business, would like to someday, or you’re a driven, forward-thinking member of the Columbus business community.

Bottom line is, you may not have the dedicated staff or resources to:

  • Track down localized experts and insights on important market trends
  • Keep up with ever-changing policies at the city, state and federal levels of government
  • Find and negotiate savings on best-in-class programs and benefits like health insurance
  • Reach and recruit the people that are the best fit for your organization

You have a role to play in the region’s future

We want to hear from you! Every new Chamber member adds to your network and reinforces the strength of the Columbus brand.